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Transcending bathrooms beyond mere function.

Architectural tap sketch animation.


Exquisite Bathrooms aims to transcend the view that bathrooms merely fulfill a function. Instead, its central tenet lies in the understanding that today a bathroom is a space of indulgence that cleanses and nourishes both the body as well as the soul. Exquisite Bathrooms’ seductively designed imported and local ranges naturally infer a quality and style that transform bathrooms into places of sanctuary.


For us at Exquisite Bathrooms it is a question of quality as well as style. The bathroom is much too precious to allow it to be spoilt by inferior products or discomfort.

To quote Benjamin Franklin;


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices are forgotten.”


Feel free to draw inspiration from our dedicated world class manufacturers such as Newform, Scarabeo and Bossini in Italy to mention a few.

From the simplest accessory to the latest technical advance, no detail has been left to chance.



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